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I don’t understand when I’m talking about a musical and someone asks me “how do you make a musical about that?” Like the second longest running show on Broadway is 100% people dressed as cats believe me anything can be a musical

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Painfully average looking with a great sense of humor and always down to get drunk

i wonder how the hot blackman from she’s the man is doing

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Scientists Successfully Implant Lungs into Fish

Scientists have successfully created a goldfish that is capable of breathing atmospheric air. Using advanced microsurgery techniques, researchers at the New South Wales Veterinary Institute implanted a pair of frog lungs into the fish, which survived out of water for 2 hours.

The lungs were connected to the respiratory surface that were naturally found in the gills. The fish was able to conduct gas exchange through the lungs instead of the gills, which allowed it to breath in a terrestrial environment. A very humid chamber was constructed for the goldfish so that it did not dehydrate.

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i don’t think you guys understand how important this is if we’re able to put lungs in fish it means we may be able to put gills in humans which means we’re one step closer to becoming mermaids

this scares me like what if someday a whole bunch of fish have lungs in them and they hated the surgery and they end up rebelling and killing us i mean i don’t know about you but if I saw a herd of fish running at me i would drop everything and fucking run

they gave them lungs not legs they’d be like fucking magikarp flopping around on the ground being useless pieces of shit

oh my god


Tobias had recently been asked to address a group of depressed men who had been described over the phone as blue.

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Paul Scheer: Watching anyone eat hot dogs? Not fun.
Jason Mantzoukas: WRONG. I could come up with a list of ten people that I would fucking pay upwards of a thousand dollars to watch eat a hot dog. Hillary Clinton is on that list...
PS: I'm fascinated because you were legitimately serious that you were turned on by Hillary Clinton eating a hot dog.
JM: Yeah yeah yeah. I would watch that. Especially if I got to cook the hot dog. I don't want it to be, like, a Nathan's that she and I just go and buy together then I watch her eat it in the store, I want her to, like, sit in my backyard and eat a hot dog with me.
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The racist response to the Spelling Bee is further proof America isn’t ready to talk about minority success

On May 29, they became co-champions of an especially hard-fought Scripps National Spelling Bee.

In the past few years, the 89-year-old competition has seen a striking pattern in which Indian-American contestants have lifted the winner’s trophy eight consecutive times and in 13 of the past 17 outings. Their streak feeds into years of conversation around race, achievement and immigrant success — all tied to problematic notions of what it means to be “American.”

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partytomatoes reblogged your post and added:

ive done 6 and 8 im not as hardcore as you

that’s why they pay me the big bucks. also why i’ve currently got an ice pack on my feet

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have you ever shopped for nine hours

cuz i have and i wanna cut my feet off

have you ever done that and then the following day shopped for eight hours

cuz i have and i died

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i’m a mitzvah

remember when james franco was in never been kissed

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